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God is Found Through His Word

Finding God requires knowledge of both Him and His Son, Jesus Christ.

John 3:16

This knowledge comes by exploring and understanding God's Word, the Bible.

John 17:17 : Hebrews 4:12 ; Romans 12:2
His Word says that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

 Hebrews 13:8

This means we can be sure of both His love for us and the truths that He has revealed . . . if we take the time to find them. 


Seek God and Draw Near

At Colonia Chapel, we actively seek God in study, prayer, worship, and action. With Bibles in our hands, we set our eyes on the Lord Jesus Christ.


If you are a Christian seeking truth, come and see how God may be found through His Word.

If you haven't recognized that Jesus Christ's death is the atonement for your sins, please contact us. We'd be honored to explain more.


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